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Community Facts

By-laws and Community Standards: Each new homeowner purchasing an existing home is entitled to a complete set of By-laws and Community Standards. Please read them carefully. These standards are designed to protect each of us. This summary is not intended to replace the By-laws and Community Standard, but only to highlight those areas of greatest concern.

Floridian Bay Estates: Our development is operated by a home owner's Association, with an elected Board of Directors, who in turn employ a professional management organization. The management organization is Alton Madison Property Management. See the Contact tab for more information. The homeowners, at our annual meeting in July, elect five directors. There is only one vote per home. You may vote in person or by proxy.

Philosophy: It is the goal of our Homeowners Association to strictly enforce the By-laws and Community Standards in an effort to preserve the value of our properties and the quality of life here at Floridian Bay Estates. We have seen neighboring developments lose a substantial portion of their value as a result of weak associations or a careless disregard for established rules. We do not want to see this happen to us.

Garbage Pick Up: Garbage & Trash pickup are on Mondays and Thursdays. Trash should be put out only in the City of Homestead green trash bins. Trash is to be put out after 6pm the night before pickup. Containers must be put away, out of sight, no later than the evening of the pickup.

Bulk Trash Pick Up: Bluk trash including landscaping debris . Please check the schedule for the correct date. Any debris must be neatly placed at the end of the driveway no earlier than the day before pickup. Please do not block the drains this will cause flooding in the event of large downpours, this will be consider a violation. The regular Monday and Thursday garbage pickup WILL NOT remove any landscaping debris.

Signs: No signs are allowed except a single sign in the yard that advertises that house is for sale or lease. Check the By-laws documents for the approved size. Non-conforming sign or banner may be removed without warning.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC): The Homeowners Association Board of Directors has appointed the ACC to review all request for any modifications made to the outside of your home or property. This is to insure that the changes or modifications are in compliance with restrictive By-laws and Community Standards. These guidelines cover, among other items, exterior colors, fences, landscaping, and additions to original structure, roofing, pools, decks, driveway enhancements and the like. These guidelines and the form needed for application will be available in our web site. The Homeowners Association's Management Company will also provide a copy of these guidelines. The ACC approval is in addition to any other permit required by the City of Homestead, Miami-Dade County or the State of Florida.

Soliciting: Soliciting of any kind at Floridian Bay Estates is not allowed. The most common forms are door to door sales people & flyer's left in mailboxes or on doorknobs. If you are the victim of these types of solicitation, please provide details to the Homeowners Association's Management Company or to a board member as soon as possible.

Dues: All homeowners are assessed dues, currently at $102 per month for 2013. If your dues are not paid on time, a notice will be sent from the Management Company and a late fee of $25 dollars will be added to the amount due. If a homeowner continues to ignore the obligation to pay dues, a lien will be placed against the property and the Homeowners Association will aggressively pursue the collection of assessments. Collection cost will include attorney fees and interest and all costs incurred by the association.

Vehicles: No vehicles may be parked on any property other than on driveways or in garages. No inoperative vehicles may be parked for more than 48 hours unless hidden from view. No commercial vehicles, except those present for business, shall be parked on any part of the property. No trailers, boats, campers, trucks, mobile homes, motorized recreational vehicles or motorcycles may be parked in the Property unless parked inside a garage.

Crime Watch: Floridian Bay Estates with the City of Homestead is working on instituting a Crime Watch. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. The Board urges all homeowners to be vigilant and to report any suspicious behavior immediately to the City of Homestead Police.

Rentals: The Board of Directors recognizes that many of the houses at Floridian Bay Estates are available for rentals. All renters must be approved by the board. As the homeowner you are responsible for the activities of your renters. Be sure that both parties know the rules. NO BUSES are ever allowed in or on the property.

Obligations for Upkeep: Each owner shall keep and maintain that owner's lot and all buildings and improvements and landscaping located on that owner's lot in good repair and in a neat and attractive condition. Each owner shall also keep, maintain and irrigate the trees, shrubbery, grass and other landscape material located on the owner's lot in good repair and in a neat and attractive condition. The Homeowners Association shall have the right to provide exterior repair and maintenance on any lot in the event of default by any owner in these duties. After 15 days notice the Association may effect repairs on its own and assess the lot owner for the costs associated with these repairs.

Name & Addresses: From time to time the Association finds that it needs to contact a homeowner because of an emergency. We also want to keep all members informed and up to date on meetings, budgets, new rules and other information to which the homeowner is entitled. Please send us an address to which you want all notices mailed, and a telephone number where you can be reached in an emergency. It is in your best interest to keep the Homeowners Association updated with any changes.

Web Site: It is our intent to provide on our web site notices of meetings, new rules and regulations, minutes of meetings, and other information of value to all homeowners at Floridian Bay Estates.